• Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Hi folks,

If you are using Titan (titan.int3rnet.net) or Aries (aries.int3rnet.net) server then your cPanel Auto Logins from the Client Area Account will not work for a few hours as we are migrating both servers.

If you face an SSL issue or website/app/email or any other issue or have a query then feel free to open a new support ticket from the Client Area Account with all the information. Our team assigned to this event will help you with all.


If you are using A Record or CDN like Cloudflare/Ezoic or any kind of Managed DNS solution to point your domain/subdomain to our servers then you need to update the IP Address in your A Record. Otherwise, you will see the suspension page.

New IP:

Also, there won't be any major downtime in this as well no data loss or anything at all. However, we are sorry for the inconvenience and really grateful for your patience and cooperation. We are pros at doing this, all the time, it's a daily routine in fact!

Apart from that, the new server cluster has NVMe SSD Storage and cutting-edge modern CPU and RAM. This will surely increase the performance of your services.

This is an important upgrade in our journey as we finally evacuating HostEuprope International Datacenter after 2 years!

We are excited as we struck many great deals but now is not a good time, we will let you know soon :)

Once again sorry for any inconvenience and feel absolutely free to contact us.

Best Regards!

Dhruv Bhatt, Brand Representative. HSPL.